Magnetic Roses

by Sebas

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Magnetic Roses is a growth process. Each song is a stage.

The cover has arrows pointing in the 4 cardinal directions. Each represents the divine forces and the 4 children of Ometeotl, the supreme creator of the Mexicas.

The 4 Suns (the Tezcatlipocas) each preside over 1 of the 4 directions. Xipe Totec (the Red Tezcatlipoca) to the east, Tezcatlipoca (the Black Tezcatlipoca) over the north. Quetzalcoatl (the White Tezcatlipoca) presides over the west, and Huitzilopochtli (the Blue Tezcatlipoca) to the south. Each direction represents values and reflects things like aspects of our human self, the seasons, stages of life&death, and elements of creations. It helps us understand & balance ourselves, allowing us to keep in tune with the world.


released June 30, 2015

Designed & Conceptualized by: SebaS
Written & Performed by: SebaS
Tracks Produced by: Elijah Jamal, CameOne, & Woolley
Mixed & Mastered by: Lib Aderson & Joey Dee
Cover Art Designed by: SebaS
Cover Art by: Nate Burks


all rights reserved



Browns Crew Milwaukee, Wisconsin

◤Sebas & Chris P◥


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Track Name: Camino de la Vida
Caminando, bajo el sol
Los rayos iluminan y nos llena de calor.
Como espinas, de una flor
La vida es maravilla pero rodeada de dolor.

"Walking under the sun,
The rays illuminate us and fill us with their warmth.
Like the thorns of a flower,
Life is beautiful but surrounded by pain.”
Track Name: Roots
Spend more
Have less
New watch
Tells time
Got none
Oh well
Big house
Small minds
Fast cars Hasty thoughts I need to get in touch
Not talking bout the screens I mean connections that we’ve lost

I was walkin barefoot thru death valley
And I came out rollin in a caddy
People always question
Cloud your perception
Of what you should be doin but you gotta trust the method

See the future in my eyes, boy
You ain't gotta question
Face to face with my fears
I can see my reflection
At plenty different crossroads, no time to waste
But you really gotta learn how to maintain a pace
I tried to speed it up a bit but you can’t rush great…
Evolution constituting all my movements as I'm grooving
I make something outta nothing so young Sebas never losing
Working towards the day
We can look back and say
We did it
We did it
We finally made it

(Goonin round the city
Tap dancin on some clouds,
I gotta stay up, they can never bring me down
Got the heart of a lion
The hunger of a giant
I’d share my dreams with ya but they’re better kept in silence) x2

Things been movin fast, lets slow it down
Trees getting burned so we roll another round
I'm blessed I got to see 18
Not the case for all my peeps
Feelin stuck right In between
Not here or there or who you think

Still buildin on the vision Stay consistent I can sense it
Sixty senseis meditatin' is my focus don’t you get it
There's gotta be more than this fast life we livin
Gun em down for some pounds chasin paper like its Mifflin

Sometimes when it rains
It pours
Of course
Some things don’t go accor...
Ding to the plan
But understand that’s the plan
Raised in the belly of the beast
Now a brotha's hungry
But I learned early
First dog to bark will be the last to bite
Loudest ones in the room be the ones who lie
The prettiest ones have the most to hide
Everybody got issue We just tryna survive

No love for hatin dudes throwin shade on my shine
You can catch me on the fly with my head up to the sky,
Soul not feelin low cuz I’m already pretty high,
No where near perfect There's plenty room to grow
Still learning how to deal with demons of my own,
But doubters gonna see that my strength shall prevail
Swam in pools full of sharks from the start I’ve been tested
Hard armored for this weather